Your Website is the Foundation of Your Online Business

But Is Your Website Working Hard Enough for You? 

FACT. Your website is the backbone of your online business. Your calling card. Your digital home.

Which is why you can’t have a website that looks like it’s right out of 2004. Or worse yet, is so precious that people aren’t sure what they’re supposed to do.

First impressions matter, and you can’t afford to botch it.  But so many business owners do themselves a disservice with their website.

Too cute. Too clever. Too confusing. Too pretty.  All of which means your website is not profitable.

The Inside Scoop Academy: Website School fills in the blanks of what’s missing from most website training out there. It’s about so much more than design or copy. Before you do a single thing you need a plan for a profitable website that gets results. 


what you’ll learn

At the end of the Inside Scoop Academy: Website School,
you’ll be ready to roll with: 

  • A clear and cohesive plan for creating a website that connects and converts.  
  • Deep insight into the motivations, triggers and needs of your clients and customers and a clear journey for your customers on your site.
  • Your unique voice and stories defined so you stand out in a sea of competition and distraction online.
  • Crafting copy that’s compelling and moves your readers into action, including sales pages, about pages and landing pages.
  • Know-how for using social proof and calls to action to make an impact on your site.
  • Tech considerations for creating a site that gets the job done but doesn’t overwhelm you.

 Meet your WEbsite School Teachers

Hey there!  We’re Brittany and Maggie, the co-founders of the Inside Scoop Academy and we’ve been working online since before Facebook was a thing.

We work with online businesses from solo shows to 7-figures on their websites and have a deep knowledge of what works and what doesn’t online. (Plus, we untangle messy websites and modernize them on the regular.) Here’s a bit more about each of us:


Brittany Becher

A self-proclaimed tech nerd, you can find Brittany making all the elements of the web work for Scoop and her clients. She’s worked behind-the-scenes with 7-figure online businesses on everything from the customer journey to code for their websites.

Brittany has zero patience for making things more complicated than they need to be, so you’re in good hands with her teaching you the ins and outs of your website. 


Maggie Patterson

Maggie is a copywriter, communications strategist and is positively obsessed with helping as many people as possible to create websites that get real business results. (Because what good is a website that only looks good?)

She’s a Master Level Content Marketer (thanks Copyblogger) who’s constantly watching what’s working (and what’s not) when it comes to websites.


As a communications professional, I have deep marketing and sales knowledge but the online marketing world can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re ready to show-up in your business and provide value like yesterday.

This course helped me go from having everything in my head to writing my own site, finishing my welcome funnel and opt-in guide. The Inside Scoop Academy is packed with incredible value.

— Audrey Kwan, Sales Strategist & Communications Coach,


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Thanks to the Inside Scoop Academy I was able to finally put together all the pieces of the online marketing puzzle and get clear. My copy and headline writing skills have improved and I’m able to measure the results of my marketing efforts. Since the course I have higher engagement with my content!

Plus, Brittany and Maggie are extremely present and available, which is a bonus as you don’t get stuck and your questions are answered as you work through the course. Investing in the Inside Scoop Academy is a smart move for your business.”

— Holly Gillen, Go-To Video Gal – Holly G Studios



What’s included in each module of the Inside Scoop Academy: Website School

Website School is Different. Instead of Starting With a Pretty Design, It Starts with a Strategy.

Because no matter how good your brand photos are or how fancy your fonts are, it’ll never make up for a poor user experience.



Module One: Your Customers & Brand Voice

A great website that gets results starts with understanding what your customers really and truly want and need. In this module we cover:

  • Getting in your customer’s head
  • Understanding customer motivation and triggers
  • Defining your brand voice and values


Module Two: Stories that Sell

Want your website to stand out? You need to nail down your stories and learn how to use them in a way that creates a connection with your visitors. In the storytelling module, we go in-depth on:

  • The psychology of storytelling
  • Different types of stories you can use in your business and on your website
  • How-to come up with your own stories in a way that’s real and genuine


Module Three: Copy That Converts

Copy for your site is about so much more than words. It comes down to learning from the basics of writing for the web, persuasion and more. In module three, you’ll become a copywriting powerhouse with lessons on:

  • Basics of writing for the web
  • How-to create a customer journey for your site
  • Homepage basics
  • Winning page structures for about, sales and landing pages
  • Using social proof to boost credibility
  • Crafting calls to action


Module Four: Uncomplicated Tech

Like it or not, tech’s a part of having a website, but this module helps make the tech basics so much simpler. This module uncomplicates your tech with:

  • Starting with who you are and not overdoing your tech
  • Picking the right platform for your business (WordPress or Squarespace)
  • Must-have WordPress integrations
  • WordPress monthly maintenance

How Website School Works


Website School will be available as soon as you sign up. All of your modules are ready for you the moment you log-in to the member’s site. From there, you get to decide if you skip to a certain lesson or start at module one.

Here’s What’s Included with Website School:

    • 4 modules with a total of 16 lessons taught by video
    • Worksheets and checklists you’ll need as you work through the lessons
    • A boatload of bonuses with the program to enhance your experience and build on what you’ve learned

Do I Really NEED Website School?

No matter where you are with your website today, there’s always room for improvement. No matter how much money you paid to a designer a couple of months ago or how many hours you’ve spent sweating out the tech details. It doesn’t matter.

The truth is that your website is a work in progress. <Always>

And if you want a site that converts like crazy driving people into subscribing to your emails, reading your content, booking consults and buying from you…you need to be ready to constantly fine tune everything you do.

Website School will teach you exactly what you need to do to master your story, get in your customers’ heads, write compelling copy and use tech to make your website simple. This in-depth training shares our years of experience working with websites with you in an actionable, fluff-free format.

Website School will teach you how-to turn your website into a virtual party where subscribes, bookings and sales happen 24/7 so you can make your big dreams happen. (Get ready to bust out your disco ball, ’cause your site is going to be a rockin’ party!)

Is this Program Right for Me?

Do you have a website that’s not getting results? Or are you about to create a website? Then you’re in the right place!

Before you shell out the big bucks and hire a designer, or torture yourself with some late night website DIY action, start here. Create a cohesive plan before you make anything pretty by getting the basics of your ideal customers, voice, story, copy and tech nailed down. From there, the design and development of a website becomes at least a million times easier. (We’re not even exaggerating!)

Here are some specific people this course is designed for:

Bloggers & Online Entrepreneurs

You can’t mess around. Your blog/website IS your business. Time to go pro and create a site that’s smart, strategic and helps you stand out in a sea of same old, same olds.

Service-Based Professionals 

You’re a consultant or a professional and your website is your online business card. You want your site to connect with your would-be customers and make you look like the pro you totally are.

Offline Business Owners

From brick and mortar to an in-person practice, you rely on your site to be your digital storefront. You want your site to get people to buy and book with you in a big way.

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Website School Bonuses!

Are you sitting down? We hope so as Website School is packed with some seriously awesome bonuses. Every single one is designed to help you get MORE from your website and drive results for your business.

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Designers & Developers 

There’s nothing more nerve racking than hiring a designer and/or developer. This guide shares our years of experience working with designers and developers to decipher what you really need-to-know.

This guide covers all the fundamentals from when you need a designer or developer (and when you don’t), costs and budgets, what to look for, how to hire one, managing timelines and expectations and more. You’ll have everything you need to make the right decision for your business.

Digital Psych Masterclass 

Have you ever felt like what people do online makes zero sense? Or wondered why you see all kinds of people using certain tactics? The Digital Psych Masterclass teaches you the basics of persuasion along with key digital psych principles.

This video-based training will give you the insight you need to start using these basics in your copy and on your website to get better results.


Conversions 101 Masterclass

You know that all the things should “convert” but what does that mean anyway? This masterclass will teach you the ins and outs of what “conversions” really are, how to figure them out and how to establish realistic conversion goals for your business. (Best of all, it’s all in plain English!)

This masterclass includes a video training along with a supplementary worksheets and a conversion rate calculator.

No B.S. Guide to Google Analytics 

Do you open up your Google Analytics and never get past the first page? Do you avoid it like doing your taxes, because, ugh, numbers? This tutorial is going to teach you the most important parts of what you need to know in your Google Analytics account with an over-the-shoulder tutorial that shows you the exact reports I use with my clients. You’ll also get a detailed written guide to help you decipher what all those reports really mean so you can start tracking key metrics in your business.

Got Questions?

How much time do I need for this?

If you’re just starting out, it make take a bit more time, while if you’re already web-friendly, you may choose to skip around. But each training is designed to be short and actionable!

How long do I have access to the program?

As long as we run the program, you’re in. Lifetime access for as long as we offer these courses, which we’re planning for a good, long time!

What if I sign up and then decide this isn’t a great fit?

As we deliver Email Marketing School in full, we can’t offer any refunds. If you have questions and want to make sure it’s right for you, contact us at

I have a website. Is this good for me?

It sure is. A website is never really done and you can always be making improvements. Website School can help you strengthen your existing site so you are better positioned to meet your business goals.

Get your seat in Website School now for only $297

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Once you sign up you’ll get an email with all the details and log-ins for the member’s site.