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Launching Doesn't Have to Be So Hard

Listen, we know how seriously crazy launching can make even the most mellow and together of people. And it's no wonder. There's a zillion and one moving parts to manage.

Having worked on over 100 launches between the two of us, we know exactly what it takes to launch.  And we're here to tell you it doesn't have to be so hard. When you go into a launch with a solid plan and have a shortcut to help you, you can save yourself the stress and keep your sanity intact.

"The Launch Planning Toolkit has everything you could possible need to create an A-Z roadmap for your launch - and then some. I've searched high and low for a resource that would help me get organized - and eliminate launch anxiety - and after testing a lot of duds, my launch plan is complete and actionable after just a couple of days thanks to the Launch Planning Toolkit! Who ever said launching HAS to be stressful??"

-Hailey Dale, Principal, Trunked Creative

The Launch Planning Toolkit will help you save time and money as you plan your launch. How? By giving you a direct line into the brains of two consultants who get paid handsomely to help online businesses launch everything from courses to masterminds.

(And you get it ALL at mere fraction of the price it costs to work with us one-on-one.)

What You Get With the Launch Planning Toolkit

Launch Planning Workbook 

This beautifully designed workbook walks you through everything you need to know to plan your successful launch. It includes checklists, worksheets, power tips and much more to help you make all of your key launch decisions, and be organized like never before.

Launch Planning Playbook

The playbook will be your new launch BFF. This will become your "command center" for planning your launch and is the exact playbook we use with all of our high-end consulting clients. You'll get this document in Google Docs format so you can copy it and use it over and over for all of your future launches.

What You'll Learn

The Launch Planning Toolkit covers all the key elements of planning your launch including:

Meet Your Launch Toolkit Creators

Brittany Becher - Systems & Strategy 

Brittany is the brains behind-the-scenes of many launches, helping to strategize everything from the systems to the tech. A systems thinker, Brittany has given you all of her insider secrets to teach you how to plan your launch, while dealing with project management, timelines and technology.

Maggie Patterson - Content & Promotion 

If there's one thing about launching that everyone doesn't realize, it's how much content you really need. As a communications strategist, Maggie is going to help you untangle the mess of all of your launch content and create a plan for getting you noticed.

Get the Launch Planning Toolkit for Only $97 Now

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