You Know You Need a Funnel.

So Where the @#$@# Do You Start?

Let’s talk about this “funnel” thing. You hear about them ALL THE TIME in the online world.

Especially how if you run an online business, the right funnel can help you connect with your audience, make sales and help you reach your business goals using email marketing.

Awesome, right? But unless you’re a pro marketer, it’s just one more thing on your to-do list. And that’s not even talking about the learning curve to figure out the 32 steps to go from idea for a funnel to having one working behind-the-scenes of your business.

Funnels for your online business don’t need to be complicated, cookie cutter or crazy sleazy to work for your business.

The Inside Scoop Academy: Funnel School helps you plan and implement smart, strategic funnels in your business. We help you make your funnels simple. 

what you’ll learn

At the end of the Inside Scoop Academy: Funnel School,
here’s what you’ll walk away with:

  • A clear map for 7 different types of funnels including nurture, sales, launch, onboarding and more. No more white knuckling it as you figure it out on your own and hope you’re doing it “right”.
  • A master plan for exactly what to write for your funnel emails and the timing of your emails. Funnel school is packed full of pro email copy hacks from a copywriter who charges the big bucks to strategize and write funnel emails.
  • The know-how you need to implement your funnel without losing your marbles with common questions answered and expert execution tips for each type of funnel.

Best of all, you’ll avoid spending hours (or days) of your life trying to figure out how to take your idea and turn it into a funnel for your business. Or worse yet, following someone else’s formula that doesn’t feel like you or simply won’t work for your business.

With Funnel School, you’ll be able to quickly go from idea to implementation for different funnels in your business. (And time is money when you’re running a business, so why waste it going it alone?!?!)

The Inside Scoop on Funnels For Your Online Business

We know, we know, EVERYONE is talking about funnels in the online space. And a lot of people are touting them as a magical solution to help you grow your business.

So before we go any further, we wanted to give you a little straight truth so you know where we stand.

Funnels, when done well, can be a game changer in your business. But we’re not here to make BS promises about what your funnels can do for you.

That’s why in Funnel School we’re not teaching you a fill-in-the-blank system that’s a silver bullet solution to making your business an overnight success. (If you want that, Funnel School isn’t a good fit for you!)

What we ARE teaching you in Funnel School is the strategy, approach and implementation you absolutely need to create your own funnels. 

The goal is for you to have funnels that work for YOUR business and aren’t pushy, sleazy or downright soulless. There’s no point in having a funnel if it’s completely out of alignment with how you roll.

Do You Really Need a Funnel? Yes, Yes You Really Do! 

If you’re “doing” email marketing and building an online business. You need at least one type of funnel, maybe more depending on what sales and marketing tricks you have up your sleeve.

With a funnel, you’ve got a system in place to use your email marketing to:

  • ENGAGE: Turn your new email subscribers into loyal fans and customers
  • SELL: Make more sales on an ongoing basis or for your next launch
  • WOW: Deliver an outstanding experience for new customers

That’s where Funnel School comes in. We’ll cover 7 types of funnels you need to run an online business and the A to Z of each funnel so you can implement them with no muss, no fuss.

Meet your Funnel School Teachers

Hey there! We’re Brittany and Maggie, the creators of Funnel School.

We created Funnel School by popular demand. (Not even kidding!) We plan funnels for our clients and our own business day in, day out, and we kept being asked “how do you know how to do that?” and “can you give me a plan for my funnel?” Funnel School was born to give you a direct line into our funnel brains.

Funnel School gives you our years of knowledge and hands-on implementation experience for a fraction of the price of working with us one-on-one. We didn’t do this once in our own biz and decide to teach it how we did it. We’ve been working with marketing and sales funnels for years. 


Brittany Becher

If we were handing out crowns for the queen of email marketing and funnels we’d likely have to give one to Brittany. She’s worked with companies from 7-figure online businesses to startups to create email marketing strategies and tech solutions that get BIG results.  

Brittany has zero patience for making things more complicated than they need to be, so you’re in good hands with her teaching you funnel and email marketing strategy and tech.  And bonus, she’s a certified partner with Infusionsoft, ConvertKit and AmbitionAlly, too.


Maggie Patterson

Maggie’s the resident word nerd and communications strategist around here, and she brings you all of that know-how in Funnel Marketing School. In working with big name clients and her own businesses, email marketing has been at the heart of everything she does.

She’ll teach you how to create email content that connects and converts so your funnels aren’t boring and generic, and how to actually figure out what to write in all those funnel emails anyhow.


Funnel School is designed to provide you with quick, actionable lessons so you can quickly implement and get it done.

You can cut right to the chase, learn everything you need-to-know to get your funnel going FAST.

This training includes a breakdown on 7 different types of funnels and each lesson includes: 

Funnel  Strategy

Why you use this type of funnel in your business, and when exactly to use it so you’re doing the right thing at the right time and lookin’ like a champ doing it. You’ll be able to best meet your business and sales goals as you have a solid strategy for your funnels.

Pro Copy Hacks

The exact emails you need in that funnel, the key questions you need to answer and more. No fumbling for words or knowing what the heck you’re suppose to say in every email. Every lesson walks through the exact emails you need and info you need to include.

Expert Execution

Tips and tactics on implementing your funnel that are way better than an Ikea manual. Learn when to stop this funnel, what happens next, common gotchas that can mess up your funnel and more.

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Working with Scoop Industries has completely transformed my business. I went from a frazzled new entrepreneur working 80+ hours/week using a basic CRM system and simple marketing techniques to creating a 7-figure brand with a variety of income streams, high-level funnels and multiple successful 6-figure launches per year with the help of Brittany and her team.

— Emily Williams, I Heart My Life


Here’s a detailed breakdown of each Funnel School lesson:


Lesson 1: Intro to Funnels 

Funnels are not one-size-fits-all and this lesson walks you through how-to plan funnels that work for your specific business and how-to get into action.

Lesson 2: Nurture & Opt-In Funnel 

You’ve got a new subscriber – now what? Learn exactly what to put in your funnel to get people to know, like and trust you once they sign up for your opt-in or email list.

Lesson 3: Evergreen Sales Funnel 

When you’ve got a product to sell all the time it can be a challenge to figure out how to best structure your funnel so you get sales. This lesson walks you through the key things to decide for any evergreen sales funnel and get into action so you can sell your product/offer on autopilot.

Lesson 4: Pre-Launch Funnel 

Psssttt..if you’re going to launch something your launch starts here. In this lesson we walk you through the option for your pre-launch funnel, how to structure it and how to transition gracefully to your launch funnel.

Lesson 5: Launch Funnel 

Take the stress out of your launch with a funnel that’s strategic and covers everything your would-be buyer needs to know during your launch. Get the exact email breakdown we recommend for launch sequences and learn the questions you must answer in your launch emails.

Lesson 6: Product Delivery 

If you’ve got a product, you may be missing this funnel! Your customer experience matters so this lesson walks you through options for funnels once someone buys from you so they get everything they need an want to come back to you again and again.

Lesson 7: Onboarding 

An onboarding funnel can greatly increase your customer success and in this lesson you’ll learn how to create a funnel that surprises and delights your customers for your program, product, or membership site.

Lesson 8: Webinar Funnel 

The success or failure of your webinar relies on your webinar funnel. This lesson shares what emails you need before and after your webinar to get people to attend your webinar and to encourage them to purchase after the webinar.

Lesson 9: Measuring Funnel Success 

How do you know if your funnel is working? What do you watch for and fine tune over time? We’re breaking it all down in this lesson so you make the absolute most of each of your funnels.

Lesson 10: Tech Tips 

If you’ve ever set up a funnel  you know the tech of making it all work can be tricky! This lesson provides some insider tech tips to help you implement in a way that’s simple and gets you on the road to funnel success.

How Funnel School Works


Funnel School will be available as soon as you sign up. All of your lessons will be available all at once, as let’s face it, you need to know what you need to know NOW. Your funnel needs help like, yesterday.

You can dive into the content and go through it Netflix binge style! Party on as you can get up and going with what you learn in a matter of hours.

Here’s What’s Included with Funnel School:

    • Video Lessons: 10 Funnel School Lessons taught by video, along with supplementary tutorial videos. These lessons are short and impactful.
    • Worksheets: Funnel planner worksheets to help you map out your funnel like a pro including timing, copy and implementation. You’ll be able to use these worksheets EVERY time you have a funnel to plan out.
    • Facebook Group: Membership in the Inside Scoop Academy Students Facebook Group so you can ask questions as they pop up. Brittany and Maggie are in the group multiple times per week to make sure you don’t get stuck.

Do You Run a Services Business?



Yes? Then you’ll love the special Services Business Quick Start we’ve added to Funnel School. This one lesson shares with you the MOST important funnel you need if you’re focused on booking clients.

This Services Business Quick Start is designed specifically for services business owners and hands you a proven funnel you can take and make your own. So that you’re not just getting email sign ups, you’re bringing in qualified would-be clients that are ready to work with you!

Funnel School Bonuses!

Who doesn’t like a bonus?  We’ve hand picked these two special bonuses to support what you’ll learn in Funnel School.

Upsells & Downsells Workshop

Take your funnels to the next level with offering exactly what people need at the right time with a smart upsell or downsell. In this video training you’ll learn the ins and outs of offering an upsell or downsell, tips for implementing them and how to do this in a way that’s helpful and not sleazy.

ConvertKit Funnel Training 

If you’re using ConvertKit as your email service provider, you’ll love this power training which shows you some hands-on tips for implementing funnels. In this video training, you’ll learn how and where to set up your funnels, our step-by-step process so you never miss a step and how to take your funnels to the next level with ConvertKit’s seriously smart features.


Is this Program Right for Me?

If you run a business online, you need sales and marketing funnels. Especially if run a business that involves anything to do with email marketing or selling your products/programs online.

Funnel School is a fit for you if you’re:


An Online Entrepreneur

You have an online business selling products or programs creating smart funnels will help you meet your business goals. If you’re struggling to figure out how to convert subscribers into buyers, or keep your buyers engaged, Funnel School can help.

In Launch Mode

If you’re launching, you need to have a cohesive marketing plan in place that includes funnels for your pre-launch, launch sales, onboarding and even your webinar. Funnel School will help you get this all sorted out in no time flat.

 Run a Services-Based Business

Double It Icons_fb group

You’re a consultant or a professional who wants to use email marketing to connect with your prospects and customers. But you’re not sure what goes in your emails after someone opts-in or what to say in your webinar emails, Funnel School has you covered.

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How much time do I need for this?

That’s 100% up to you! Funnel School is designed to be short and actionable. No six part modules or lengthy videos. Time is money baby! Plus, as it’s delivered all at once you can pick and choose based on what you need to learn right now. You may just need to watch Lesson One and then go right to the funnel you need to work on now.

How long do I have access to the program?

As long as we run the program, you’re in. Lifetime access for as long as we offer these courses, which we’re planning for a good, long time!

What if I sign up and then decide this isn’t a great fit?

As we deliver Funnel School in full, we can’t offer any refunds. If you have questions and want to make sure it’s right for you, contact us at

What about traffic to my funnel?

Traffic strategy for your funnel is not covered in Funnel School. How you get people to your funnel is up to you, we cover what happens once they arrive in your funnel!

I'm new to online marketing. Will this work for me?

The success of a funnel largely depends on what traffic you’re getting to the funnel and what you’re offering. Like anything, results may vary. But we do stand behind what we teach in Funnel School as it’s 100% proven based on years of experience working 1:1 with clients on their funnels.


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