Introducing the Content Recycling Toolkit

Save Time & Energy With All of Your Content Creation

Imagine Being Able to Reach More People and Sell More Using the Content You Already Have

The Content Recycling Toolkit teaches you how to save time, money and energy by not creating MORE content, but using what you have in smart, strategic ways to maximize the impact of your content.

From your blog to your guest posts, to speaking gigs and interviews, to emails and everything else you need to create - content can be a full-time gig. And you've got better things to do than spend hours every week coming up with new ideas.

This toolkit, created by Scoop co-founder and Communications Strategist Maggie Patterson will help you organize everything you have and teach you how to recycle every single piece of content so you can create your content in a snap.

The Content Recycling Toolkit is NOT wishy washy general advice you can find anywhere. These are proven strategies and systems to save you time, money and the last minute blog post idea drama. (All for a STEAL of a low price.)

Meet Maggie. Queen of Content Recycling.

I'm Maggie and if content is king, I'm the queen of content recycling.

I'm positively obsessed with content recycling and find new ways to use old content smart and strategically so no one even realizes what you're doing. (Sneaky, maybe.  But definitely smart.)

I get asked all the time how I manage to create so much content and do it while running my business and serving my clients. My secret is content recycling.

This toolkit will teach you my insider secrets to help you maximize and optimize every single piece of content you create.  You'll create once and squeeze the lifetime value out of every thing you create once you learn the ways of content recycling.

Here's What The Content Recycling Toolkit Covers 

This toolkit is delivered in a PDF guide and get right to the point. Learn what you need and put it into action so you can get back to running your business. Here's what you'll learn with this toolkit:

Getting Organized 

The secret of recycling is getting organized! The toolkit kicks off with a look at what content you already have, as well as figuring out what content has worked well...and what's not so hot. You'll audit your content and then I'll show you exactly where to find out what your hottest content really is. Armed with that information you'll be ready to start recycling like a pro.

Reviving Your Old Blog Posts 

You've got lots of blog content, but how do you breath new life into all those blog posts? You'll learn how to update your posts, what exactly to add to your posts and how to make the most of them for months and years to come.

Make your content work harder for you and capitalize on all of your traffic to those posts with these power tips.

Reusing Existing Content to the Fullest 

Instead of writing a brand new post or creating something new every single time, look at what you've already got. Your existing content can be reused in countless ways as new posts.

In the Content Recycling Toolkit you'll get an endless stream of ideas to keep you inspired and saving time for years to come.

Repurposing Your Content to Grow Your Business 

You've got an amazing opportunity but you're ready to say no because time is an issue. But what if you could just repurpose what you've already got to help you build your platform and reach more people. Learn how to be a guest star, get social, be an expert and much more with content you've already got.

Get the Content Recycling Toolkit for just $97.

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